Mr Lam was very well-liked by his students as he is jovial and effective.  He was a Chemistry teacher in Chung Cheng High School Main with 17 years of experience in teaching the Lower and Upper Secondary Chemistry syllabus. Known by his students for being able to bring fun to learning as he makes difficult-to-understand concepts approachable by helping them simplify the thinking process, he is a highly passionate individual with a love for teaching and mentoring.  As a Curriculum Level Coordinator for the school for 12 years and as an GCE O-level Practical marker, Mr Lam is well-versed in the Science syllabus and assessment criteria. He also played a pivotal role in creating and compiling the school’s Science syllabus notes, which have been used as reference learning materials by all students across levels. As a teacher who is student-oriented, he believes that each child is different and makes it a point to offer a tailored approach to help them change the way they study. Often, students do not realise that they are making the same mistakes and that their old habits are pulling them down. With years of experience, Mr Lam is adept at identifying these learning issues quickly and can guide the student efficiently and effectively.  The results speak for themselves as almost all his students, whether they were already high-performing or struggling with the subject, were eventually able to score grades that were higher than the national average. As Mr Lam’s ability to motivate and inspire students was also recognised by the school, he was called to be a part of the Student Leadership Committee, whose role was to nurture students who will become leaders of the next generation. He was also the Student Council Teacher-In-Charge and spearheaded multiple training programmes and events for students to gain experience and develop maturity and responsibility. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]