TEACHER CHRIS is a dynamic tutor who is able to advance her students’ learning and understanding in science. She was Head of Department (Science) for ten years in an autonomous secondary school in the east, and thereafter Head of Department (Science) in a prestigious primary school for boys along Bukit Timah Road. Given her rich experience, Teacher Chris has developed highly effective strategies to help students learn science. Trained to teach sciences in both MOE primary and secondary schools as well as experienced as a PSLE science marker, she has comprehensive understanding of the science syllabus across primary and secondary levels. Teacher Chris values the strengths of each student and helps them progress in areas for improvement. She is also known by her peers and students to be motivated, caring and passionate about the teaching and learning of science.Teacher Chris is also a multiple teaching award recipient. Some of the notable awards she received include the Fulbright Distinguished Award (DA) in Teaching Programme (given by MOE and the USA Government), MOE Postgraduate Award and National Day Award (Commendation).