“The June Intensive Revision Modules reignited my confidence in Physics! My grades jumped from E8 during mid year to a distinction for my Prelim Papers!”


“Thanks Mr Kang! I did it! From F9 at Mid Year to A2 for Physics in my school Prelims in just 3 months! My teachers couldn’t believe it!”.

Daniel Lim & Pan Zhou Yue

Chung Cheng High School Main

Both Distinctions for Physics (O-Levels)

“We were both struggling with Physics, and worse, we do not like the subject at all … and that was before we attended Physics at ECUBE with Mr Andrew. In a short span of 3 months, our grades at Year 3 jumped from ‘Fail’ to ‘Distinction’! We never looked back since then. And Physics is now a subject we like because Mr Kang has made the difficult and abstract concepts easy to grasp and its applications meaningful to everyday lives.”

Tan Si Jie & Lee Yue Rong

Year 4, Dunman High School

“I was your first student remember?!! Thanks Mr Andrew, your tuition is very different from other tuitions I had! It’s fun and yet very effective. The head-start learning of topics and pre-exam intensive revisions have enabled me to consistently do very well for my school Physics exams.”

Callista Chang

Anglican High School

A1 for Physics (O-levels)

Mr Kang is a great teacher in all aspects. He ensures that we thoroughly understand all the work that we do. Moreover, he is very friendly and funny at the same time which makes class much more enjoyable. I am now more confident in answering challenging physics questions as compared to before. He gives us a lot of high level thinking questions and explains the proper techniques and steps that we should adhere to in order to obtain the full marks for a question.

Sherilyn Poon

Sec 4 Tanjong Katong Girls’ Sch

A1 for Physics (O-levels)


“It is not an easy learning journey since I joined quite late but thank you Ms Hannah Yeo, Ms Siti Nawal & Ms Lam for your patience, dedication, excellent teaching and notes! I am able to give my best and achieved good results.”

Samantha Lim

CHIJ Katong Convent

Distinctions for A.Math & Science (Chem/Bio) (O-levels)

“Thanks Mr Kang for helping me perfect my answering techniques and making lessons interactive and fun … and coaching me to secure that A1 in O Levels.”

Bhargav Singapuri

Sec 4 Tanjong Katong Sec Sch

A1 for Physics (O-levels)

“Thank you once again Mr Kang for helping me to perform well consistently for Physics. I am able to understand the subject much better and hence do well in tests and exams every time since Sec 3. Stay in touch!”

Shawn Yap

Sec 4 Chung Cheng High Sch Main

A1 for Physics (O-levels)

“Initially, I had a poor foundation for Physics and did not understand many of the concepts taught. However, ambiguity slowly became clarity ever since I joined Ecube, and my results improved a lot. At the end, I even managed to score an A1 for my IP Year 4 Physics EOYs (and first in class for Physics too!). Thank you Mr Andrew Kang!”


Justin Ho

Victoria School IP

A1 for Physics (IP Year 4)

Physics tuition at Ecube is definitely one of the most beneficial and interesting tuition I had. This tuition provides tips on various answering technique and even have small experiments to help in our understanding of the topic. Mr Kang even provides extra help for us whenever we need it and always tries to give us make-up lessons when our schedule clash so that we wouldn’t be lost in subsequent lessons. My memorable lesson would obviously be the one when the class was shocked by a transformer!

Samantha Low

Sec 4 Dunman Sec

A1 for Physics (O-levels)


I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Ecube Education Lab for pushing me to my greatest potential. Previously, I did not do well for Combined Physics, scoring D7-E8, and Physics has always pulled my Combined Science’s grade down. However, after attending Mr Kang’s engaging Physics tuition, I’ve achieved the top in level for Sci(Phy/Chem) and an A1 for my ‘O‘ Levels. I did not have to revise constantly for Physics anymore & was able to concentrate on my other subjects, after attending the weekly tuitions. Thanks Mr Kang!

Maisarah Syazwina

Sec 4 Dunman Sec

A1 for Sci (Phy/Chem) (O-levels)


Having tuition classes at Ecube has definitely helped in more ways than just academically. Ms Hannah Yeo has not only helped my chemistry improve drastically in a short period of time, she has developed my interest and love for the subject. The teachers are extremely dedicated and passionate in helping the students, and also give extra classes whenever we need them. Thank you Ms Yeo and Ms Lam for having the patient to deal with us every week, and i will miss your lessons, and also the sweets provided to make our lessons extra enjoyable!!

Lim Su Ann

Sec 4 Cedar Girls’ Sch

A1 for Chemistry & Biology (O-levels)

Principal’s Award Sole Recipient



Thank you Ecube – and especially to Mr Kang and Miss Yeo, for your help in my Physics and Chemistry respectively. Your patience and determination to get me to understand key concepts and to answer some of my ridiculous questions have unequivocally played a big part in my grades for the two subjects. You guys are also very approachable even out of classes and your notes are very concise and digestible. Thanks once again!

Aviel Eng

Sec 4 Geylang Methodist Sec Sch

A1 for Physics, A2 for Chemistry (O-levels)


Despite only being in Ecube for less than a year, I have benefitted a lot from my journey with Ecube during my last year of secondary school. Mr Kang and Ms Siti have always been very patient when teaching me as I usually absorb the contents of the lessons very slowly. Both teachers have gone the extra mile. For Physics, Mr Kang would conduct experiments to allow us to understand concepts more thoroughly, and Ms Siti would find diverse challenging questions to expose us to the types of questions that we may encounter in our ‘O’ Level papers. I am satisfied with my improvement in both subjects. Thank you Mr Kang and Ms Siti for your guidance and efforts!

Joan Lam

Sec 4 Coral Sec Sch

A1 for Add. Mathematics (O-levels)


“Thank you Ms Yeo! I did it! Without your coaching and pushing I would not have done well for my chemistry! Thanks for the fun learning journey and the many jokes shared during class”

Cliff Seow

Xin Min Sec

A2 for Chemistry (O-levels)

“Though I only joined Mr Kang at the last lap to O levels, he have helped me understand Physics in a fun and interesting way. He allowed me to realise that Physics is really cool – through his loads of experiments & demo, and some were actually tested in exam as applications! Without his help, I don’t think I will be able to do well in the subject.”

Ng Ca LIn

CHIJ Katong Convent

A2 for Physics (O-levels)

“Ever since I joined Ecube in Sec 3, difficult & abstract concepts for science are now easier to understand and apply.  Thank you so much for helping me attaining distinctions for both Physics & Chemistry at O levels!”

Loo Kai Heng

Sec 4 Chung Cheng High Sch Main

A1 for Physics & Chemistry (O-levels)

I used to not understand physics at all! But after having tuition with Mr Kang, i find Physics very interesting. His lessons were fun as there were a lot of hands-on experiments and his notes were concise and sweet. It is easy to understand and through the worksheets he gave me, i am able to try all those standard as well as more challenging questions. Mr Kang is also very patient and is very willing to help in other questions that I do not know. Also, the holiday intensive modules which Ecube offered also helped me a lot in ‘Just-in-time’ reinforcement of concepts. I would 100 percent recommend anyone to join Ecube!


Dilys Tan

Sec 4 Chung Cheng High Sch Main

A2 for Physics (O-levels)

Coming to Ecube has been an experience I will never forget. The teachers here are very friendly and approachable. They make lessons very interesting and fun such that we dont feel stressed out. They care about our well-being and are also concerned with how we are coping instead of just results. I am also grateful as my results have improved due to the help of the passionate teachers. I will definitely miss coming to the lessons here. Thank you Ms Hannah and Mr Kang for your undying efforts to help us.


Linus Ho

Sec 4 Victoria School

A2 for Chemistry & Physics (O-levels)

Mr Kang is a very dedicated teacher and is always ready to answer any sort of doubts I have accumulated. He always encourages me even though I do not believe in my abilities to be able to do well in Physics. He never fails to help me in any way possible. He guides each student in a different way, which makes learning even more effective and customised.


Jessie Ng

Sec 4 Tanjong Katong Sec Sch

A2 for Physics (O-levels)

Ecube does not only focus on the theory aspect of Physics. In fact experiments are often conducted to engage the students and help them enjoy the learning process. This will not only help me cultivate a love for the subject, but is also more effective for helping me to retain key knowledge. Furthermore, the notes and worksheets are very carefully planned out such that it covers all the important concepts and frequently asked questions. Most importantly the teachers are very patient and experienced. Mr Kang (my Physics teacher) never fails to answer all my queries. Even when it comes down to basic concepts which I cannot understand, he will take the time to slowly explain it to me until I get it. He also makes lessons a lot more fun by cracking jokes and giving many memory tips to help us remember better!


Nicole Ler

Sec 4 Tanjong Katong Sec Sch

A2 for Physics (O-levels)

Even though I did not like Physics at first, Mr Andrew Kang had helped me learn to appreciate and like the subject gradually as he is very patient and is very willing to help clear his students’ doubts! He is also very engaging in class which also helped me enjoy the subject eventually. Thanks Mr Kang !


Tina Ng

Sec 4 Tanjong Katong Sec Sch

A2 for Physics (O-levels)

Mr Kang is one of the most patient, understanding and engaging teachers I know, and he has always been encouraging me to do my best no matter what the result ever since I joined the Physics class in Sec Three 🙂 His ways of teaching and explaining the theories of Physics allowed me to understand the subject more thoroughly, and apply the concepts more effectively in the exams! He always has a way to make lessons fun and exciting, which is a plus point especially since some Physics concepts can be really abstract at times. With his dedicated coaching, I managed to attain a distinction in the subject during the O levels. Thank you Mr Kang for all the fun times and the many great learning experiences!!


Tay Yi Ling

Sec 4 Tanjong Katong Sec Sch

A2 for Physics (O-levels)

I came to Mr Kang class when I was in the middle of Secondary 3. Since then, I’ve learnt a lot from Mr Kang through his passion for teaching Physics. His teaching approach is like no other. After some tough learning sessions, he would give us breaks & play some mind games to help relieve our stress. The gadgets that he used to teach Physics had also helped me to remember important concepts more easily. He has helped me improve my physics from C5 to an A2 in the O levels. Thank you so much, Mr Kang!


Darren Lim

Sec 4 Edgefield Sec School

A2 for Physics (O-levels)

“My grades improved significantly after attending The Physics Lab within a few months … with much appreciated help from Mr Andrew Kang! 10/10 strongly recommend students ‘chionging’ their last laps to enrol with Mr Andrew.”

Cheng Yu

Sec 4 Chung Cheng High Sch Main

A1 for Physics (O-levels)

Thank you Mr Andrew for your patience, guidance and for making lessons so fun and interesting. Your coaching has helped me jumped from a D7 grade to an A2 in just a few months, of which I am very grateful for! Thank you so much!

Celine Sim

Sec 4 Tanjong Katong Sec Sch

A2 for Physics (O-levels)

Mohamad Hazmi & Amira

Sec 4A, Dunman Secondary