Customised Classes

  1. We have customised classes for:

  • Dunman High School (IP Physics)
  • Cedar Girls’ School (IP Physics)
  • Dunman Secondary School (Physics)
  • Chung Cheng High School (Main) (Physics)
  • Tanjong Katong Secondary (Physics)
  • Victoria School (Lower Sec Science + OP/IP Physics)
  • Anglican High School (Lower Sec Chem & Bio)
  • Anglican High School (Lower Sec Math)
  • Catholic High (Lower Sec Math & Science)
  • Bedok South Secondary (POA & E.Math)
  • Geylang Methodist Secondary (E.Math)
  • Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (A.Math)
  • St Patrick’s School (Physics)
  • TJC (General Paper)
  • TJC (H2 Math)
  • VJC (H2 Math)
  • TPJC (H2 Chem)
  • Dunman High School (Senior Year H2 Chem & Physics)
  • Etc


  1. Please call to find out how ECUBE can customise a tuition class for your child’s school to achieve a more targeted & effective outcome.

  2. We have a ready pool of highly-qualified Ex-MOE teachers who are passionate & competent in the area of content, pedagogy & assessment for their subject specialisation.

CGT is a premium tuition programme by ECUBE EDUCATION LAB that aims at delivering the best learning outcomes for our students! This is very important and much needed in the current education landscape as more and more schools (beside the IP schools) are teaching topics in non-conventional chronological order, and …doing assessment of varying rigor and at different period and time.

So … Parents! Customise a tuition class for any subject for your child’s school with us, with minimum 4 students to start! Lesson planning & delivery will be fully synchronized & aligned according to each school’s
1.  Topical selection & flow,
2.  Content rigor & difficulty,
3.  Assessment schedule & requirements, & of course
4.  Students’ preferred date & time!

And from our experience and professional view – this is the best group tuition that any student can ask for!

Hurry … arrange for a trial lesson now, and see for yourself the extensive benefits of CGT. We have a strong dynamic pool of highly competent MOE-trained teachers & subject specialists who are ready to take the group tuition experience & learning to the next level!

BEST VALUE FOR MONEY + BEST LEARNING OUTCOMES!  Call Andrew now to explore more!