Mr Ivan Sim is an experienced and engaging Lower Secondary Science tuition teacher. He has 14 years of teaching experience in MOE schools, of which he was the Head of Department (Upper Secondary Year Head) for six years. In his 14 years of teaching experience, he has taught Pure Biology, Elementary Mathematics and Combined Sciences for graduating classes, and Lower Secondary Science and Mathematics. Mr Sim coaches students from many schools for small group tuition and he is known for his fun and effective delivery, and his ability to make abstract concepts easy to comprehend and remember. Mr Sim was also awarded the MOE Caring Teacher Award for several years for imparting important life-skills and values to his students. Be it as a private tuition teacher or as a MOE school teacher, he has always value-added to the students' grades with a high rate of distinctions. The average distinction rate for his classes ranged between 60 to 80% for Pure Biology, Elementary Mathematics and Lower Secondary Science.