“Teacher Sally” is the moniker or sobriquet most affectionately known to all her students. Having graduated from the National University of Singapore with an honours degree and armed with the international teacher’s diploma from the University of Cambridge, she possesses many “secret weapons” via her qualifications and 15 years of teaching experience to help her students deal with all the “cataclysmic battles” in their lives, such that they would emerge unscathed and victorious.

Being an ex-MOE teacher has its benefits as well since she is well-versed in the syllabus and the young charges under her will be trained and coached accordingly to the school curriculum.

Although she has quite a saccharine personality, students who require that additional “nagging” from her will be swiftly dealt with.

Having tuition is a way of enriching the students with more knowledge in a particular subject so her teaching philosophy is to have all her students enjoy their learning in an amicable atmosphere and grow from strength to strength to become more confident in their studies!

She has quite a few excellent academic testimonials from her students over the past years, which she attributed to not only her lively and effective teaching methods but more importantly, attesting to her students’ diligence and willingness to learn.